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It almost coincides with that part of Cum- berland which was cut away from the Chester Diocese, and added to that of Carlisle, in 1856. The Eegisters again are responsible for the following : 1621 Ultimo die Octobris Thomas Hardnes Clericu Sepult fuit.

It includes about two thirds of the west Cumbrian coast, stretching from the mouth of the Derwent on the north to that of the Duddon on the south ; but it will be convenient to keep it undivided.

15, 1659, he says that he writes "among the prattle of boys," some of whom he wishes were at Queen's.

In one of his letters from Kendal to Williamson, dated Dec.

Digitized by the Internet Arciiive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation / PUBLICATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER HISTORICAL SERIES No. The Ejected 0/1662 IN Ctimberland & Westmorland Sherratt & Hughes Publishers to the Victoria University of Manchester Manchester: 34 Cross Street London: 33 Soho Square, W. 443-449 Fourth Avenue, New York The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland & Westmorland Their Predecessors and Successors B. This was the most remote part of a very isolated County; and the Churches felt but little the impact of the changes which swept over the rest of the country. Bees aforesaid the said pish consisting [of] Two Thousand Comunicants And ye Ministers psent Maintenance there being but Twelve pounds p annu Allowed by ye Impropriator of the said Rectory And ye Sequestrators of ye premisses are required to pay the same accord- ingly Att such tymes & seasons of the year as the said Rent shall grow due and payable. 2 It was shortly after this that Percival Radcliffe was appointed to the Cure : — St. 1647 Referred Percevall Radcliffe Ministr to ye Assembly for the Cure of St.

Halsell of Egremont; and it will be shown that there are strong reasons for suspecting that to be an error; while the Sequestrations were comparatively few. Foster gives John Skelton of Cumberland " gent " as matriculating at Queen's College, Oxford, April 4, 1617, at the age of 17 years. No names are forthcoming to fill in the gap after John Skelton and "William Coates ; but the following interesting document respecting the living is worth insertion. Bees in the County of Cumberland to and for increse of ye Maintenance of ye Minister of the pish Church of St.

Calamy gives the name of only one Ejected Minister belonging to this district, Mr. j N^o difl&culty will be experi- enced in relation to that when the extensiveness of the Parish is remembered. The Registers give the following : — 1622 ix die — Johnes Skelton clericus Sepultu fuit. By vertue &c yt ye yearely sume of ffifty pounds bee paid out of the rents reserved to ye Bishop of Chester out of ye Impropriate Rectory of St.

MANCHESTER At the University Press 1911 ^\^'-' o, K^ V University of Manchester Publications No. In another respect it differs from the rest of the area with which we are concerned : the events of the 17th Century have registered themselves here much less in the way of Sequestration and Ejection than elsewhere. It will be noted that the dates are inclined to overlap, and the inference is that there must have been, at least, two Curates during this period.

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784 The Ejected of 1662 regiment, saith that, on Friday, being in Company with Mr. Pennington Ra : Calvert Rector Jos : Pennington of Moresby John Ponsonby Tho : Orfeur Rector Joh Stanley of Harrington Ant. Denton Rector of Gosford Ri Stainton late Curat at St Bees Robt. 2 In 1734, in addition to his other two appointments, he obtained the living at Barton in Westmorland ; but he enjoyed it only a short time. Bees where a monument, thus inscribed, perpetuates his memory : — Here lies the body of the Rev. fit=600,383&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1com/ Bargain Booze-3.jpg? A woman has been arrested as part of an investigation into saline bags being tampered with at a hospital. 782 The Ejected of 1662 In the Commonwealtli Survey for 1649 we have the following : — At St Bees there is a religious honest Minister, Mr. He may have been related to Thomas Jackson of Swithindale.

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